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Sector:  Services Company – 200 employees

Situation:  A services company in a highly competitive business sector came to us for help in order to more fully engage employees and to build a stronger strategic focus at senior management team level.

Action Taken:  Worked with the company progressively over an eighteen-month period to build teamwork and employee engagement, improve management performance, and put in place a three-year strategy for the business.  Provided extensive executive coaching to key executives.

Results:  A restructured senior team, strong progress in employee communication and engagement, an agreed three-year strategy and the development of a company-wide set of new company values.  All of this was achieved during a period of strong growth in the business and the new three-year strategy, using a Balanced Score Card approach, is now in operation in the business.

Sector:  Semi-state company – 4,000 employees

Situation:  A long-standing client company in the semi-state sector needed a qualified facilitator and change management expert to help in implementing a new safety strategy and safety culture across the business.

Action Taken:  Over an eighteen-month period, ran a full programme of workshops and focus groups for managers across the company to develop vision, achieve buy-in and put in place teams to drive the project.  Engaged with over 200 managers and facilitated the training on key aspects of the implementation of new procedures.

Results:  Company achieved the putting in place of key teams to sustain the initiatives, the full training of all senior and middle managers in key safety procedures, and the establishment of a framework for ongoing culture change in Safety across the business.

Sector:  Agribusiness – 400 employees

Situation:  Newly formed senior management team for a 400-employee business unit of a major agribusiness company needed help in team development and in developing a five-year strategy for the business.

Action Taken:  Over a six-month period, ran multiple facilitated workshops and work sessions with the senior team and other stakeholders for the purposes of identifying the most effective strategies for the business and creating the right culture for change in the business.  The work also included teambuilding for the senior team and anticipating and problem-solving the likely challenges that will emerge during strategy implementation.

Result:  The senior team developed a team charter that guides both their interaction at senior management level and also their leadership of the business.  A five-year strategic plan is in place and is being managed and reviewed on a monthly basis with Key Performance Indicators from the strategy now built into the performance objectives of managers and staff across the company.

Sector: Tourism Industry – 170 employees

Situation: A market-leading, fast-growing company in the tourism industry wished to develop a common approach to the management of staff across its locations in Ireland and the UK. These common approach behaviours were to be expressed in a Manager Charter for the business.

Action Taken: Working with the company’s senior managers, designed and delivered a series of one-day workshops to engage all managers in the company in the task of coming up with a Manager Charter that would form the basis for how people will be managed and supported in line with their needs as employees, and in line with the needs of the business. The Manager Charter would spell out in very specific terms the behaviours that staff could expect from their managers. The workshops were augmented by an anonymous online survey where managers could contribute their thoughts, concerns and ideas privately. A further one-one day workshop brought all of the managers together for a signing ceremony and action-planning for ‘living’ the Manager Charter on a day-to-day basis. Finally, all 170 members of staff were brought together to socialise the Charter and agree reciprocal value-based behaviours in order to support the full use of the Charter across the company.

Result: Every single manager in the company, from the CEO down, is now operating to a commonly agreed set of values-based behaviours in relation to how people are managed and supported. The entire project from initiation of the Manager Charter concept to delivery of the Charter and roll-out to the company took place over a short two-and-a-half-month period of intense activity and interaction.